How Bharati Robotics is Creating More High Quality & Better Paying Jobs With Robotics ? Real Facts, Numbers & Analysis

The mathematics is simple, to understand the same we need to know few facts about Commercial/Industrial Floor Cleaning and Material Handling Industry in totality. The nitty-gritty of value chain that works from original equipment manufacturer (OEMS) i.e the manufactures of Scrubber Driers, Forklifts, Sweepers, Tow Trucks to the end users like factories, warehouses, malls, airports, all large floor infrastructures.

Often we see every second article on internet is about how many jobs are going to replace by Robotics and automation , it's more of a false narrative set by many writers, I feel research is not been done properly, the mighty revolution of Industry 4.0 brings a lot of transformation into job types, the transitions has many dimensions.

The analysis holds true for both Facilities Management (floor Cleaning) and Material Handling Equipments industry.

Millions of labor work in cleaning industry doing the floor cleaning using Manual Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines using walk behind and ride -on scrubber driers

These labor force work on the payroll of Facilities Management companies (FM) and small house keeping contractors (HK).

Almost all of the large floor infrastructure clients like Malls, Hospitals, Airports, Railway Stations, Offices, commercial buildings etc have their floor cleaning task and in case of Factories & Warehouses the Material handling task, is outsourced to a Facility Management company like BVG Group, OCS Group, ISS World Group, Sodexo FM etc..

FM & HK companies purchase Manual Cleaning Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines from OEMS (Roots, Kaercher, NILFISK, IPC etc) and recruit Human Labor and provide manual mechanized cleaning services to their clients of large floor infrastructures.

Now lets analyse the business economics of the FM (Facilities Management) company

Similarly the FM company have 100 Clients in total, the total number of Human Labor recruited will be 5000. Now there are many issues:-

1. The growth of the FM company will be limited , it can't grow with same pace after having 5000 employees and a sheer number for people for managing them. It practically can't target to have a growth of 1000 Clients.

2. Huge number of service calls/issues come up with this capacity, in addition to unprofessional behavior due to low class living, and very low wages.

3. Very high working capital and OPEX requirements for the FM company to run a business with so many employees.

Solution - ROBOTICS

Now consider the case where Industrial Floor Cleaning Robots being used by the FM companies for proving cleaning services to their clients.

Because of Robotics, per client there will be reduction of 45 man power and there will be remaining 5 Human Labor, who will be now managing a FLEET OF CLEANING ROBOTS for the whole infrastructure.

These 5 Labor will now be trained by Robots Makers like Bharati Robotics, for managing and doing 1st level maintenance of the Robots. Also our Robots are 100% Autonomous and doesn't require teaching or programming.

Now for 1000 Clients there will be a requirement of 5000 people for the FM companies to serve.




A truly COLLABORATIVE ROBOTS environment.

In addition to all these a new Robot industry is born and growing leap bounds day by day, creating a huge number of High Quality, High Tech & Better Paying Jobs and a huge number of Indirect Jobs in terms of service & maintenance personnel as well.

I can proudly say our Robotic Solutions are playing a vital role in the ecosystem and benefiting all stakeholders involved in the sector.

Creating Robots for People !!!