The Future of Robotic Cleaning Has Arrived

August 1.0

AUGUST 1.0 is an Industrial Floor Cleaning Robot used to maintain floor hygiene of your facility with potential savings in cost, labor and time. For large floor infrastructures such as Malls, Factories, Hotels, Airports, Hospitals & all commercial premises.

100% AUTONOMOUS: Saves Labor from performing low-value tasks, and cleaning all nooks & corners thoroughly using the floor map.

QUALITY CONSISTENCY: It will provide similar or even better cleaning quality as their human counterparts, but they’ll also deliver the same standard every single day.

SAFETY OPTIONS: Equipped with Obstacle avoidance system with Safety Bumper, and Instant braking with Emergency Switch.

SAVES WATER: Water is recycled and 80% reduction in water usage. Also Cleaning Solution used per cycle is measured according to set cleaning standards.

MOBILE INTERFACE: Simplified interface with Start & Stop Options for movement tracking, generating statistical reports including Login time, End of Shift & Areas Cleaned.

EASY SERVICE: Service parts used are standard industry brushes, pad materials & squeegees easily replaceable & available. Very low maintenance cost with almost zero downtime.

LONGLASTING BATTERY: Charger Dock Station and Maintenance free Sealed Lead Acid Battery with 3-5 years of battery lifespan.